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About Us...


or  ILCAM, was founded by a small group of enthusiasts intent on keeping the mutual admiration and preservation of the iconic  Chevrolet  Camaro ahead of car club theatrics.  Today it is far and away the largest and one of the most active Camaro organizations in the state of Illinois.


ILCAM is the one place where all of us car crazy people can share that passion and love for this hobby. Whatever the model or year, whatever the modification, completely stock or full race, we welcome you!



Founder: Becky "Ladie Sunshine" Rhoads

    Becky "Ladie Sunshine" Rhoads has an extensive history within the Camaro family.  She rose to the top of a long-standing  Camaro  car club in 2009 by becoming President within six months, taking it to levels never previously achieved.  Becky remained president for the next 6 years before taking a short reprieve until Illinois Camaro was founded on August 30, 2019.   With the addition of sponsors, she brought along a new  philosophy for a  car club: Members pay NO dues! 

   As a sign language interpreter for the deaf by day and Camaro afficianado  by night, Becky has gained extensive leadership  and language expression skills, making her a perfect choice for Illinois Camaro.   



Doc Beckmann

   Doc is a car guy. For 3 years he was a regional director for the National Hemi Owners Association before spending two years as their National Director. Closer to home, he served as president of the Windy City Z Club (Nissan/Datsun) for 5 years.  In three years their membership increased from less than 80 to over 350. His daily driver is a 2010 bone-stock 2SS LS3.  


Vice President:

Omar Pena

   Omar Pena joined Illinois Camaro in May 2022 as a Media Director, quickly showing his leadership skills and willingness to get involved. That participation got him noticed and bumped up the ladder! His passion for Camaros started with a 1996, followed by a 2000 SS which he kept for 14 years. After selling it in 2017 during "one of the worst days" he ended the nightmare in mid-2021 by purchasing his current ride: a 2017 SS 1LE.



Brenda Protz


Brenda Protz brings a "can do" spirit along with a lengthy resume. ILCAM's first downstate Board of Directors member, she has held a secretary position with other groups, has organized car shows, and not only is a journalist but a former drag racer! Her first car was a 1978 Pontiac Firebird. Those who attended the 2024 Chicago Auto Show will easily recognize her current ride, a customized 2020 convertible dedicated to bringing awareness of the dangers of  distracted driving.



David Coredig

   David Coredig held the position as  Secretary at another Camaro club for seven years!  Because of  his previously acquired skills, in 2019 he was asked to help launch Illinois Camaro.  He took on the position as Secretary/Treasurer for Illinois Camaro and recently transitioned to the Treasurer's spot.

    Dave's car, Da Beest,  is a modified  2015  3.6L LT, with rear mounted STS turbo system that runs on 5 pounds of boost, producing 386 hp, and 322rwhp.

Our Special Thanks To


Website Creator: Dominic Taylor

  Dominic joined Illinois Camaro  in 2021. He'd had a life-long love of Camaros prior to joining and was looking to share that passion with others!

 Dominic's Camaro is a 1979 custom resto mod with an iron block 350 engine, matching 350 trans and a 3.73 gear.  Dominic is very much a part of ILCAM and  attends many of the local events with our group regularly.

Illinois Camaro Achievements

* 2019  Attended a 6 hour conference with Founding member of Wisconsin Camaro

* 2019  Hired legal counsel 

* 2019 Facebook page established

* 2019 Registered as Illinois Non-for profit

* 2019 Obtained E.I.N with the IRS * 2019 Logo trademarked * 2019 Financial accounts secured

 * 2019 Sponsors anchored

* 2019 Official Illinois Camaro launch date August 30

* 2019 Mecum Auctions contract secured

* 2019-2020  Develop legal cause and research

* 2020 Kids Kruises and Parades * 2020 Drive by car shows organized * 2021 Event Calendar developed

* 2021 Charity Car show announced * 2021 Podcasts and TV interviews

* 2021 223 Cars and $2,000 raised for 2 charities * 2021 Mecum Auction account secured

* 2021 Webmaster hired 

* 2022 Legal counsel retained for registration * 2023 ILCAM debut Chicago Auto Show

* 2024 ILCAM returns to the Chicago Auto Show

Founding  Sponsors & Members :

Instrument Services Inc.  (John & Lori Robertson ) * NicKey (Stephano & Beth Bimbi)
 * Huligan Design (Jon Hooley) * Countryside Customs * Ray Chevrolet

Rory Smith * Ron Kirchner * Charlie Phillippou * Rob and Sherri Davis * Kurt Payne * Roy and Jeanne Pikis

* Roy Thon * Al & Judy Skwira * Rich & Colleen Hanck * John Pettis * Monica Reyes * Mr. And Mrs. Bright
Beloved John Green

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